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Anuar Arroyo

Documentary Series Producer

Anuar Arroyo is a documentary series producer and director whose work has taken him from the frontline in Afghanistan, Iraq and Congo to historical documentaries in the Middle East and Latin America, he is known for his work in specialist factual with emphasis on character led films, specialising in foreign shoots and dealing with difficult access.

He is behind BAFTA winning series ‘Ross Kemp on Gangs’, an investigative look into the life of those associated to gang culture around the world. He directed the BAFTA- nominated series ‘Return to Afghanistan’ where he embedded with the collation forces in their fight against the Taliban and foreign fighters. Anuar has a reputation to turning complex narratives like current affairs and science into engaging character led documentaries that resonates with larger audiences such as the Grierson award nominated science film ‘OCEAN’ he produced and directed for The Economist.  In his career Anuar has produced and directed worldwide television hits for BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel.

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The Breakthrough Leaders initiative is an opportunity for me to get in front of our industry’s big decision makers, to showcase my ideas, experience, Hispanic and Middle Eastern heritage as the assets I believe them to be, and to hopefully find collaborators with a similar ambition to evolve what we see on our screen, how it is made, and by whom.


Dr Mena Fombo is a global speaker, diversity and inclusion facilitator, coach and consultant. She is the co founder of Blak Wave Productions, an indie TV/Film company where she recently directed short doc Home Carnival Queen for the BBC. She is the founder and director of Black Girl Convention, the South West’s largest event for women and girls of African

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