Meet Our 51 Leaders Of 2021

Meet the 51 who will help shape and redefine future leadership in the TV industry and act as a proactive catalyst for positive change.

Meet the 51 who will help shape and redefine future leadership in the TV industry and act as a proactive catalyst for positive change.

Adnan Ahmed

Series Producer/Director

Alex Thomas

Director and co founder of Milk First

Ann Marie Goodwin

Senior P/D, Senior Edit Prod.

Anthony White

Senior Casting Producer

Anuar Arroyo

Documentary Series Producer

Ashok Prasad


Bernard P. Achampong

Founder, Unedited

Beya Kabelu

Assistant Producer

Bim Ajad

Independent Filmmaker

Bushra Siddiq

Producer, Director, Development Producer

Chi Thai

Producer, Director

Cicelia Deane

Series Producer, Series Editor, Production Consultant

Claire Hoang

Digital Executive Producer

Dani Carpanen

PD and Edit Producer

David P. Davis

Executive Producer

Dee Kahlon

Head of Development

Dershe Samaria

Co-founder and Creative Director of Nuwave Pictures

Dwayne Eaton

Assistant Commissioner for Entertainment at the BBC

Emile Nawagamuwa

Series Producer

Esther Springer

Executive Producer, BBC Studios Productions Drama

Fatima Shafiq

Development Executive Producer

Fu Olaseinde

Managing Director (of Greenred Media)

Himesh Kar

Producer, Co-Founder Three Tables Productions

Jasmine Dotiwala

Multi- Media Broadcaster, Producer and D&I Specialist

Jay Davidson

Content Strategist and Exec Producer at Fully Focused Productions

John Deol

Producer, Director

Kam Odedra

TV Writer and Story Producer

Kulvinder Goodman

Producer, Director

Lyttanya Shannon

Documentary Director

Marina Warsama

Series Director, Producer/Director & Edit Producer

Mesha Stewart

Series Producer

Michael Jenkins

Producer,Director Co founder Blak Wave

Mohammed Rashid

Senior Casting Producer

Nasfim Haque

Commissioning Editor, BBC Popular Factual and Factual Entertainment

Navdip Dhariwal

Founder of MiranMedia

Nawfal Faizullah

Commissioning Executive for BBC Drama

Newton Velji

Executive Producer, for Linear and Digital Content

Patrice Etienne

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Nuwave Pictures

Richie West

Production Manager

Ruchika Tagore

Head of Development at Objekt Films

Sabrena Jarrett-Thorpe

EA to Simon Andreae and Creative Coordinator

Samira Sorzano

Senior Manager, Global PR Fremantle

Somina, aka Dr Mena Fombo

Co-Founder of Blak Wave Productions

Stephen Yemoh

Executive Producer at Studio Lambert

Steve Allen

Popular Factual, Formats, and Digital Commissioning Executive at BBC Scotland

Sue Agyeman

Series Producer

Tara Jang

Series Producer, Showrunner and Director

Vanessa Van-Yeboah

Series Producer, Director

Vinnie Shergill

Head of Creative Diversity, BBC Studios

Waqas Ali

Production HR at Netflix

Zuelika Brown

Series Edit Producer