Cener Dogan

I coach leaders on their self-leadership, self-inclusion, and inner alignment as they embark on making an
even bigger impact in the world. Tapping into your sense of identity and inner wholeness is one of the
foundations of our work as you establish and own your voice that you want to be heard and reflected
outside. We work on trusting and having confidence in what you know and sense to be true and on what
you need to walk your unique path in congruence and with authenticity.

I hold up the bigger picture of your purpose and vision, and with curiosity and questions, we explore the
inner and outer obstacles and how to tackle them with ease and confidence. My work supports you to
be more empowered, more self aware, and self responsible. I help you become more resourceful and
solve your own problems and find new solutions from a place of more creativity, courage, and self-belief.
By using my experience and my intuition, I help make aspects and dynamics visible and I challenge
possible assumptions so that new insight can emerge to support your aspirations. Furthemore, by
introducing elements of embodiment, movement, and out-of-the-box thinking, my work serves you in
accessing your own creativity and wisdom.

I offer a space of trust, confidentiality, empathy and warmth so people can feel safe and comfortable
sharing and voicing anything they would like to. All emotions and thoughts are welcome in our space
free of any labelling or judgement. Our coaching relationship is based on collaboration and co-creation
where I am a pragmatic challenger, and an empathic and empowering accountability partner. Our space
has depth as well as lightheartedness.

Clients can expect head, heart and soul space for reflections that lead to new and transformative insights
and to an actionable roadmap. Where relevant, I send resources between sessions that might be useful
to your learning and process of growth.

I am passionate about and work in the field of diversity and inclusive leadership. Hence, a systemic lens
is always part of my work when establishing mindsets, behaviours and skills with leaders.

My areas of expertise:
● Identity, Self-Inclusion & Self-Leadership, Purpose
● Confidence, Impact, Influence, Motivation and Performance
● Cultural Intelligence, Cognitive Diversity, Psychological Safety

Previous corporate background:
Over 20 years in helping global organisations, SMEs and educational institutions with strategic corporate
communications, marketing, branding and business development.
Academic background: Communication & Media Science (MA), Social Psychology and Intercultural