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Claire Hoang

Head of Social Marketing – ITV Studios (current)
Digital Executive Producer (Before being a leader)

Claire has over 15 years experience in the industry, starting on community radio and BBC Learning, before working across shows as diverse as Strictly, This Morning, Songs of Praise, Dangermouse, The Greatest Dancer and most recently Coronation Street and Emmerdale. She was also the first (and only) BBC Children’s YouTube Channel Manager and was the youngest BBC Children in Need committee member in the NW. Before her broadcast experience, she also spent a few years working in diversity for Arts Council England and the Regional Film Council. More recently, she’s spent over four years in digital marketing working as Creative Director at Storylab and Digital Engagement Director at Wavemaker NW, until returning to ITV a year ago. She’s passionate about digital innovation and social media and hopes this scheme will help her shape how this changes in the broadcast industry.

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Being a Breakthrough Leader...
The coaching I received, the workshops I attended and the network of peers I'm in have really made a difference
Nominated by Jaine Sykes,  Head of Digital Content and Strategy, ITV
Claire joined my management team in January 2020, and has completely transformed the way the Soaps team works. There has been a drive to ensure that what we’re doing across Digital Content at ITV has a clear marketing purpose for. younger audiences, as well as an opportunity to turn viewers into consumers and Claire has been in charge of making both of those things a reality on the Soaps.
The soaps don’t necessarily jump out as young audiences in the TV schedule, but she has led her team to change the way they think about day-to-day content. They’re less focused on superserving older audiences with daily preview clips, but now focus on the big storyline peaks which are more likely to drive younger audiences. The launch of Corrie’s TiKTok channel, making the most of the platform alongside using data and insight that archive content appeals to young audiences has become a huge success. To celebrate the 60th Anniversary, Claire masterminded a live escape room on the cobbles live-streamed exclusively on Twitter with audience interaction, a feat never seen in the UK before now. Turns out you can teach an old show, new tricks.
As well as being a creative powerhouse, Claire always has one eye on the wider business objectives, especially commercially. As well as her day job, she is the Digital Content lead for the Gaming, Licensing & Merchandising part of the business. This involves managing stakeholders externally and internally and being the driving force of integrating new ventures into the wider Digital Content team. For example, she has helped set up the ITV merchandise shop, tracking KPIs for revenue directly attributed to the Digital Content team, and set the strategic direction for our Tours and Experiences right through to the implementation of the plans. Claire is an absolute asset to my management team.
John Doe,  Head of Creative Diversity

Dr Mena Fombo is a global speaker, diversity and inclusion facilitator, coach and consultant. She is the co founder of Blak Wave Productions, an indie TV/Film company where she recently directed short doc Home Carnival Queen for the BBC. She is the founder and director of Black Girl Convention, the South West’s largest event for women and girls of African and Caribbean Heritage and she also the co founder of a new Black Arts Venue boat to be located on the Bristol Harbour. She has over 15 years experience working within the voluntary sector, community organisations and educational establishments across Europe, the USA, Africa and South Asia and is currently an International Ambassador for the city of Bristol.

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