Our Coaches

Each leader is assigned a coach from our cohort of nine expert coaches. All have experience working with creative leaders and they themselves have first-hand experience of what it’s like to be othered and marginalised.

Remy Blumenfeld

Audrey Cairo

Cener Dogan

Jeffrey Wotherspoon

Jeffrey Wotherspoon

Mel Flowers

Mokay Kamara

Silas Carson

Simon Wright

Tamaan Wilkinson

Yassir Islam

My Coach Has...

“My biggest breakthroughs came through coaching. It was one of the things I was most resistant to at the start, I really didn’t think I needed one, which was the sign that I really did! Just having someone to talk to, to hold a mirror up and take a look at myself, in a really safe space was an amazing element to the whole programme.”

“The coaching has been invaluable. It has given me more confidence and more focus. Helped me decide on what I want to do and be within the industry and provided me with lots of support”.

Leaders 2023, Coming Soon...

Nominations are now closed for the cohort for 2023 Breakthrough Leaders. A massive thanks to everyone who nominated someone or themselves. We have had over 350 nominations for just 50 places –  eeek!

This is an extraordinary marker of the wealth of senior and highly skilled black, Asian and Minoritized Ethnic professionals that already exist in our industry.