Mel Flowers

Mel brings a fresh, energetic and questioning style to helping mid to senior level professionals looking to invest in making meaningful change. She uses proven coaching and analysis techniques to identify what matters most to you, what motivates you, and what holds you back. She helps you find the right way to address real-time situations. For example, negotiating with a colleague, or communicating effectively with senior management. You gain insights into how you typically behave in such situations. From this, Mel helps you adjust your approach so that more of your energy is focused on your goals, propelling you forward.

Her clients include actors, TV executives, sales people and entrepreneurs. Mel also delivers group and individual coaching for students at the UCL Law Faculty, as part of their diversity programme.

During the past two years Mel provided coaching through the Spotlight organisation to actors adapting to the impact of the pandemic on their work. She helped them navigate these challenges successfully while remaining true to their chosen path and values.

Mel studied for a diploma in counselling before discovering that coaching is a profession where she can channel her passion for helping people find what drives them. She trained with the Coaches Training Institute, one of the oldest and most highly regarded coaching schools, and is a certified Co-Active Coach.

Her coaching style puts you in control at every stage, and the pace of change is entirely up to you. At the same time, she will be demanding of you in helping you access your potential!

As this TV executive recently described her coaching: “Mel is an incredible coach. She really takes the time to understand you as a person and is deeply insightful and supportive. Mel has really helped me to grow both as an individual and a leader. She recognises your strengths and how you can use them to make important career and life changes. By understanding the values that drive me, Mel has armed me with a clear vision and a real confidence in how I need to move forward. She has empowered me to have big goals and to believe in my potential to reach them. I would love to seek Mel’s guidance in the future and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

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