Mokay Kamara

I am an adaptive, empathetic, and results-driven coach.

Over a 15-year international business career in change management, I have been honored to coach Entrepreneurs, Executives, and creatives.

I will help you to to express your superpower while making sense of the saboteur/imposter narrative that sometimes takes center stage in our lives.

My work with previous clients has helped provide direction, purpose, transformation in productivity, time management, motivation, leadership skills, flexibility, goal attainment, creativity, stress reduction, and work/life balance.

I utilize tried and tested coaching frameworks and grounded learning theories, combined with a keen instinct and a sensitivity to the unique emotional needs of every individual I collaborate with.

Although our collaboration will eventually lead to transformative decision-making and I will challenge you when needed, this will only happen after I have gained your trust and confidence that I am fully invested in your journey.

With an attentive ear and a truly seeing eye, I aim to deliver a coaching service that uniquely supports my client’s goals and objectives, always meeting them where they are and jointly creating a path towards where they want to be. Together we walk that path.