Silas Carson

My particular focus is on mind management, helping my clients to understand how their brain works and enabling them to control their thoughts and emotions. I have coached television executives, writers, radio producers and a host of other creatives and leaders to become happy, confident, healthier and more successful in their lives.

I have been a screen and stage actor for 35 years and a coach for 13 years. The two professions are closely linked by a natural curiosity for people and the human condition, a lack of judgement and a desire for all individuals to be heard and understood. My fascination with the human mind and love of language have helped me to powerfully attune to my clients inner dialogue – over the years I have developed the skill of deep listening and a sharp intuition.

We cast spells by evoking words – ‘double, double toil and trouble’ – and undo spells by bringing forth new words. The words we use about ourselves, our inner thoughts, cast a spell on us and can act as obstacles to our goals. As a coach I can hear the narratives that bind my clients. I help them to identify the saboteur voices and limiting beliefs that hold them hostage. And then together we get to rewrite the script, powerfully reprogramming the mind to achieve success in all walks of life.

I am steeped in training – The Coaches Training Institute, Landmark Forum, The Chimp Paradox Model, The Drama Centre London – and continually attend workshops building improvisation and listening skills and polishing my intuition. I am playful, creative, challenging and caring – as a coach and an actor, it comes with the territory!

With regular practice at mind management techniques tailored to your unique personality, you will attain confidence, clarity and resilience. From there we identify specific targets and manageable outcomes, drawing up plans of action to which I hold you accountable. I walk alongside you, helping you to optimise your brain function and achieve your desired goals. And all in the spirit of play!

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