Tamaan Wilkinson

I first worked with a coach when in a new management role, I was feeling overstretched, stressed, dealing with a case of Imposter Syndrome and determined not to quit. Coaching gave me the space & insights to work out what was going on beneath the surface. As a result, my confidence in my role grew significantly, as did my ability to handle self-doubt and to set boundaries. This was game-changing for me & it reignited my own passion for coaching others.

I later trained with the Co-Active Institute, one of the world’s oldest & most respected coaching schools and have completed advanced certification training.

I work with a wide range of clients including UK media industry professionals, meditation teachers, directors and entrepreneurs. My clients possess vision, ambition and heart and often come to coaching to overcome the universal voice self-doubt, feel more confident, recognise their value and be their authentic selves, often in environments where they don’t feel they can bring their real selves to work.

Clients describe my coaching style as honest, compassionate, insightful empowering. I’m known for calmly calling forth the wise, grounded and confident part of my client for transformational results. I create the kind of space that allows my clients to be radically honest & to share their thoughts, feelings, worries and desires, knowing they will not be judged. I use my experience and gut feeling to reflect what might be happening for the client, explore matters that might be going on ‘underneath the surface’ & offer new perspectives.

I tailor my approach to the person I’m working with, supporting my clients to better understand themselves & challenge them to follow through with decisions and actions that are right for them.

My specialities include:

• Recognising your value & impact
• Communicating with confidence
• Pay rises & promotions
• Self-leadership
• Dealing with limiting beliefs
• Understanding and developing effective leadership styles for emerging leaders

As a third-generation West Indian black woman, born & raised in the UK, from a working class background, I know what it is to navigate traditionally white spaces and the challenges around discrimination, unconscious bias & tokenism. I’m passionate about empowering others, especially those from marginalised groups, to recognise their value & to use it to further themselves & those around them.

Prior to coaching, I have over thirteen years’ experience as a coach and consultant, including experience in the employment & skills sector where I supported hundreds of individuals seeking employment at all levels. I have leadership and management experience in the private and third sectors and since 2018, I’ve been an active member of the management committee of a women’s refuge in the West Midlands, Gilgal, where I contribute my experience in leadership & development, as well as support to the charity’s CEO.

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