Yassir Islam

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” J.W. Goethe

As a certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) I help you learn to trust yourself so you can be fully expressed to create the life, work, and impact you want. 

Whatever issues you are facing, together, we create a safe space where you will learn how to set aside the sabotaging voices of doubt that keep you playing small. I’m here to listen for that inner voice and champion it so you are emboldened to step fully into your truth. When you are willing to do the work to honor your values fully, live from purpose, and translate insights into action, you are on the journey to a more fulfilling and empowered life.

I am committed to working with people with diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds and/or sexual orientation and gender identities who are often underserved and marginalized by the mainstream culture.

In addition to serving individual clients, I am a coach with Pilot Inc., supporting career professionals on a six-month journey to own their careers and actively shape their experience at work. Through Spotlight, I coached UK-based actors through the pandemic; as an artist and writer, I have a special place in my heart for clients in the arts and creative fields.  

Before coaching, I worked with mission-driven non-profit organizations focused on the environment and reducing hunger and poverty globally. I transitioned from being a researcher to a communications and public relations leader, working with teams cross-culturally and helping organizations communicate the good they do in the world.

I also bring two decades of meditation and contemplative practice to my work. I lead meditations for a global men’s meditation group and for Club Kali, a UK-based organization for the South Asian LGBTQ+ community.  Community is important. I have been recognized for my contributions to community building by the Rainbow History Project and the Mayor, of Washington D.C.

I grew up in Africa and have lived in India, the UK, the USA, and now Portugal. I am fortunate to have traveled extensively and consider myself a citizen of the world. When I’m not coaching, I am reading, painting, gardening, being in nature, and exploring the word. And I love a good poem.

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